Reasons Why High Spec Computers Still slow

process slow computer
Process slow computer
Why is my computer slow when utilizing large RAM? Has your computer has got the specifications are qualified? Any sophisticated computer, should have felt called lag, and it‘s a situation that may be said to become commonplace felt by everyone who uses it. But why albeit we already have sophisticated computer with large RAM, lagging still happening? What caused it?

Therefore if we don‘t understand we will see a computer tutorials, as well as what factors tend to make your computer slow though it was supported by a big RAM.

A lot of open large applications 
We should know how to operate computer that‘s true, Mau of any RAM you‘ve, it still wouldn‘t be enough if forced to open lots of heavy applications. Always do not forget that many of the existing software, can suck up RAM, for example Adobe Photoshop, Corel, to Premiere as video editing tools.

Never mind that, Google Chrome which you use daily also contribute decline RAM capacity quickly. Don‘t be surprised if the overall game you play becomes broken in case you open it in conjunction with Google Chrome.

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