Character Elsword Online Game and tricks

characters Elsword online
Characters Elsword Online
Elsword is definitely an ambitious swordsman, He‘s also a hot-tempered. His expertise in fencing and obtained thanks strenuous workouts that he always did. He trained directly from the leader from the Red Knights will also be a sister, Elesis. Elesis left his brother to operate a mission, not to return again. Elsword continue an adventure to locate two things, gems El and his sister missing. Elsword also can we play through, elsword mobile.

Elsword is really a swordsman who is extremely dangerous in close combat. He‘s very agile and it is unmatched inside a sword fight. He is not solely adept at attack but additionally superb in defense. The only real weakness is magic, but he always thought that there isn‘t any problem which will not be terminated having a sharp sword.

Elsword can change shape or transformed into great warriors, that : 

Characters Elsword - Sword Knight 
Knight Sword is really a swordsman who is much more powerful than ever before. Here He‘s great at close range attacks. Because he could fight multiple enemies simultaneously. If you need to deal one-on-one, he might not be invincible.

Elsword - KnightMagic Magic Knight is a superb swordsman. But perhaps one of the unique here is he is well known regarding his a chance to magic. He will throw fireball which will disturb or kill the opponent. Elsword Magic knight is much more suitable when designed to fight the enemy in large numbers.

Elsword - Lord Knight 
Combo, Combo and new type of play that‘ll be revealed after Elsword Lord Knight. A blade from the sword that very quickly can knock opponents inside the blink in an eye.

Elsword - Rune Slayer 
Rune Slayer combines the 2 best kinds of physical attacks and magical. Here Elsword has a brand new combo attacks and runes that may be combined using the flick of the

Characters Aisha Elsword
Aisha trick tips Elsword Aisha is a talented penyihit, at the age of 12 years he has mastered all the high-level magic. But some later she lost the ability magicnya. Aisha is a girl who has a high intelligence. He started perjalananya to get all the power that had gone before.

Aisha is a witch who rely on magic attacks (active skills)
to attack the opponent with devastating. In close combat,
Aisha chose to use a cane.

Aisha - Dark Magician
Dark Magician is a magic user who relies on the power of darkness to produce magic with a high destructive force. With high intelligence and magicnya, Dark Magician can produce powerful attack and defeat the enemies on the screen.

Aisha - High Magician
High Magician has greater capabilities and greater. After studying all the elements that exist in the world, he managed to learn a new ability of natural magic.

Aisha - Void Princess
Aisha continue its way on the path of darkness with magic master destroyer. His progress became Void Princess makes control more skill darkness.

Aisha - Elemental Master
Aisha went on trail teacher and focuses on elemental magic. Aisha turned into seoarang Elemental Master makes gain abilities that have been lost, elemental power that allows him to issue a more powerful magic powers and a way to fight the new melee.

Rena characters Elsword trick tips 
Rena is definitely an Elf who live inside the human world. His every daythe world is threatened each time a gem El is that the supply of life weakened. When the powers that be connecting El jewel from the human world and the planet Elf disappeared, Rena also will disappear. So he uses his powers like a Ranger to guard the jewel El and his friends.

Rena is definitely an accomplished archer who are able to also use attributes to strengthen magicnya attack. When cornered, he Didn‘t possess a problem to attack the opponent with
combo kick. He also seems to possess a chance to glide with the air with his double jumps

Rena - Combat Ranger 
Combat Ranger hates fighting. While still using bows and arrows, He‘s now lots of moving straight into the area and also the opponent's defense perform melee attacks.

Rena - Sniping Ranger 
Privileged Sniping Ranger is that the arc length. His aim is usually right, agility and strength magicnya motion causes it to be greater than proficient at filling the air by having an arrow fly able to attack his opponents.

Rena - Wind Sneaker 
Rena steeped inside the street like a fighter by strengthening the kick attack. He uses his bow like a weapon at close range along with to remote attacks. Rena summon the forces of nature to guard it by improving its defenses.

Rena - Grand Archer 
Rena uses grand arrow to extend its ability to make use of arrows. As Grand Archer, his ability is increased and also the regeneration mananya has increased. Along with which makes it proficient at detecting opponent's weaknesses, strengths elements also boost the strength of his bow.


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