$41.80 For Segotep Warship EVA Mid Tower Gaming Pc Case

Segotep Warship EVA Mid Tower Gaming Pc Case
Casing PC with an easy measure, the sort Micro ATX motherboard or Mini ITX, indeed be perhaps one of the things that don‘t separate foreign couples of days past. However, with mostly small size, users usually still gush hardware specs are extremely high inside it. Thus it was eventually natural that lots of vendors who create their simple casing shoring system for high-performance computers, part of them is Thermaltake. Thermaltake recently released a brand new kinds of casing Core they‘re none other compared to the Core V1 Snow, casing the newest pc is really a Mini ITX casing with attractive design and also the ability for the internal system to sustain high performance. The casing includes a 1 piece measuring 200 mm fan upon the front that‘s definitely visiting blow cool air straight into the casing. Then too, the casing is supported by Pemakian heatsink with medium to large size, or water-cooler system.

Segotep Warship EVA Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case Support ATX M-ATX ITX Motherboard 

Main Features:
It can install 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch drives simultaneously.
Tool-free SSD, HDD, and CD installation.
ATX 2.0 structure, support water cooling solution.
The cable will be fixed in the back. 


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