MediaTek Have 10 Core Processor and 1,000 Core Processor What is that?

1,000 Core Processor
Multicore processors currently an item that‘s easily found out there. Also a smartphone can now be found with 10 cores processor inside it. But imagine look in which the 1,000 Core Processor? This really is what were created by researchers coming from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of California, Davis, United States.

Additionally they refer towards the chip like the processor chip which has got the world's first 1,000 Core Processor. Not just has as much as 1,000 the amount of cores, the processor chip is likewise not lots of power required. Actually, as quoted from Slashgear, the processor chip is merely using energy sourced from AA batteries.

Although the core has reached 1,000, the processor chip will probably be no overall will certainly be run entirely inside a single time. Each processor core can run small programs independently. So don‘t be surprised if it was the processor chip includes a power consumption level which is not much and merely utilize the power source as AA batteries.

In order to make the 1,000 Core Processor chip, the researchers also collaborate with IBM and using 32nm manufacturing technology. Each core on these processors includes a speed of 1. 78 GHz and can be utilized to process around 1. 78 instructions per second. Interestingly, each core also offers a chance to send and receive data with one another directly.

So do you know the uses of the 1,000 Core Processor chip? If it is going to be made in bulk, There‘ll be some things that may be utilized for this chip. For instance, to the purposes of processing the media, scientific purposes or for means of encryption.

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