Best Performance VGA Card to $169.99 price range

Nvidia GeForce GTX 950
Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 is that the cheapest inside the 900 series are dictated by latest Maxwell architecture. And this is actually the VGA Card is perfect for those gamers who wish to play inside the resolution of 1080p.

Recorded inside a test between 38fps (Crysis 3) and 108fps (Batman : Arkham Asylum), and the very best settings in detail the games, leaving more space for further performance with a lower amount of detail.

Nvidia has debuted featuring several new features for this card which causes it to be ideal for gamers MOBA. Experience the newest GeForce drivers have auto-optimization feature which will prioritize maximum graphics performance for minimum latency. Overlay in-game also can quickly access the recording, instant response and Twitch streaming.

For all of the features in the GTX 950 power consumption remains relatively low, and requires just one additional 6-pin power cable, so additionally it is ideal for smaller PC assembly.

Upon the outer side in the AMD Radeon R9 390 looks as a VGA card less attractive.

Since this really is still utilizing design in the previous generation of AMD graphics cards, not the planning of recent models for example HBM memory that several released recently.

So it's as long graphics cards which are large and consume more power than its competitors Nvidia.

But somehow ultimately, if all things need to be ruled out probably the performance is paramount. And Radeon R9 390 has performed better than its main rival Nvidia GTX 970. R9 390 better performance of approximately 15% -30%.

Nvidia GTX 970 does offer better overclocking, where it may attenuate the gap shortage of performance with Radeon R9 390. Though it's something which will not be guaranteed unless the purchase of units pre-overclocked and after all the value gets to be more expensive.

Additionally, if you wish to build a system that's smaller compared to the GTX 970, there's also a mini version of R9 390 which is simply about 7 inches long. So it is really fitting to smaller PC casing.

Except for larger PC cases and for people who seek one of the best performance involving this price range, the Radeon R9 930 will be your VGA Card.

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